Monday, April 29, 2013

Brock's Blessing and Pict with the Brock's

This past weekend we used Brock's blessing as an excuse to get all of Zac's family together to take some pictures... I cant believe how the family has grown in the last 5 years!

 The Brock's


Broadie has had the opportunity to play soccer this spring.  He was an allstar and he absolutely loved it! There was no stopping him... He averaged about 5 goals a game! We loved watching and cheering him on :) 

Baby Brock

This month Zac's sister was blessed with a adorable baby boy. He was long awaited, ending up two weeks late! We can not get enough and love having our first nephew. The kids are in love too. They love cuddling with him.


This year we were able to go to Utah and spend it with my family this year.  While we were there we had alot of fun... We went to Chuckee Cheese, colored eggs, hunted eggs, and went to Andee's blessing.  We had alot of fun spending time with Magma and Papa.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I can't believe my little princess is TWO! It has went way too fast. Baya is our spitfire. She is always up to something. One minute she is super sweet and the next meaner than a wet hornet. She is always making us smile and we wouldnt trade her for anything. We love our diva. Happy Birthday Baya.

At age 2 Baya loves...
Sweets... She eats really good but she has a major sweet tooth.
Animals... It doesnt matter what kind. She wants to love them all.
Her Family...She likes to visit all her grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and especially her cousins. Before she leaves she has to give everyone a hug and kiss.
Babies...She is the best little momma
Eating... Her favorites are cheese, eggs and cereal.
Singing...She sings to her babies all day long.
Daddy... Zac is definetly her favorite person ever! She loves him soo much and he has a sweet spot in his heart for her. She can do no wrong.
Being Silly...She loves to joke and tease.
Shoes... LOVES them all!!!
She is such a sweet and happy girl. We love her alot!


This girl is giving us a run for our money! She is seriously soo mischievous. Anytime she gets two seconds to herself she sees just how much trouble she can get into.  Anytime it gets quiet we know we are in trouble!
She climbed up onto their bathroom counter and emptied the toothpaste tube, soap, and lotion. 

We had just bathed Pix and Rox and Baya disapeared. I guess she thought she needed another bath, fully dressed. Such a good helper.

She likes to help herself to the fridge too. I am telling ya, we HAVE to keep our eye on her.  She is a crazy mess but i cant  help but grab my camera and laugh..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Baya's Birthday

Baya girl had a whole Birthday month this year. We had her birthday  party on the 19th so that Wickle Willy could be there.  She had a Minnie party and got lots n lots of presents.  Thank you everyone who came to celebrate with us.  We are grateful for such awesome family and friends. Next Magma and Papa came to spend the weekend before her birthday. We had a lot of fun with them, we went played, played, played and went bowling. It was only Baya's second time bowling and she loved it. She thought it was pretty neat. Then on her birthday day we went to the Bounce House.  Just the four of us. It was soo much fun.We don't get out of Cortez much but when we do its always a good time.  I don't know if the kids had more fun playing or if Zac and I had more fun watching them. Pictures are backwards but here they are....
(Someday i will figure this dumb thing out)

BOUNCE HOUSE is a huge building full of blow up slides and a bunch of other fun stuff.

 It rained the whole entire weekend my mom and dad were here.  We started getting a little stir crazy so we went BOWLING.


Uncle Sandwich.  Willy's birthday is the 29th, Baya's the 30th and Drew's the 31st.